Authors – your chance to answer the Seventh Question

If you love the Seventh Question and want to be featured then this is the place for you!  Please read the sections carefully to be sure you send the right information and that you are likely to be accepted.

What you get

If I can feature you you’ll get the blog featuring your interview and additional info (see further down) and I’m going to start tweeting and posting to facebook links to older interview from time to time, so it’s not just a one off.

Who can be featured

There’s no hard and fast rule but please bear these in mind:

  1. I write Sci-Fi and Fantasy, so most people reading this blog will be interested in authors whose work touches on those.  I’m happy to stretch that out to all speculative fiction, and to consider anything else especially if the Seventh Question is really good.
  2. Your Seventh Question (the one you set yourself) needs to be interesting, either in the question or the answer.

What I need

  • Your answers to the first 6 questions.
  • Your Seventh Question, along with the answer.
  • An intro – a two or three line introduction to who you are and what you do.
  • A photo, cartoon image, avatar etc of you (two or three of these is great too)
  • For the footer I need a few paragraphs about you, where to find your books, your website or blog, and other contact info (facebook, twitter etc).
  • Book cover images for 2 or 3 books
  • Confirmation that you are happy for me to use the images you supplied for the purposes of the interview blog.
  • Patience!  I’m still putting some automation in place around this and looking at using a VA to speed things up.
  • Optionally – an audio recording of you answering the questions (if you can do one file per question that would be amazing!) plus a recording of you reading the seventh question.  This isn’t something I have in place yet but I want to take it forward, possibly even by creating a podcast.

Still interested?  Fill out the form below…

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