Short Story Collection Update

Just a quick update on the short stories collection this time, I’ll aim to do a more thorough update soon…

The short story collection has gone to my editor!  I managed to recover from having final-edited an older version of the manuscript (luckily a lot of it was the same as the final version) and it’s now being lovingly pulled apart.  🙂

At the moment I’m using the possible title of “Tales from the Starflare Universe and beyond”.  However, at some point in the future I might decide to pull all the Starflare short stories together (there’s already more than are in this collection) in which case I’ll probably want to use “Tales from the Starflare Universe”, so I guess I need a new title…

Hmmm…. OK – enough can you get doxycycline without prescription stream of consciousness writing!  So, it’s on its way and I think it’s really good.  Some of the stories you’ll already have seen if you’re a subscriber (The Wedding Weatherman and Fuel Pressure among them) but many more are completely new.  If you like my short stories I think you’ll love these.

When will it be out?  To be honest, I haven’t worked that out yet.  With Christmas coming up my editor is going to be busy with other things, as would be my proof reader if I managed to get it to him.  I’ll work out a definite release date at the start of January most probably.

And as for Wanderer book five… well, that’s a whole different update which will be coming soon.  Sorry!

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