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Even better – the entire book library is now available in a single eBook!  Or you can download each individually if you’d prefer…

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Book Library

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Grab all four books & six short stories in a single file.

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Free eBooks

Wanderer's Escape

Wanderer’s Escape

Wanderer’s Odyssey – Book One

Born and raised a prisoner, Jess expected to die a prisoner. Breaking into an ancient spaceship begins a frantic flight to freedom. Finding himself in a brutal universe of pirates and slave traders, can he harness the ship’s unique powers quickly enough to stay alive?

Wanderer - Echoes of the Past

Wanderer – Echoes of the Past

Wanderer’s Odyssey – Book Two

Freedom was only the start. The crew of the Wanderer face ever greater challenges as their journey continues. Will even the incredible Wanderer be enough to keep Jess, and those he cares about, safe?

Dark Soul - Silenced Parts 1 & 2

Dark Soul Silenced – Parts One & Two

Dark Soul Chronicles – Book One

A hunted girl. A marked soul. Will he choose redemption or damnation?

Daniel can barely control his aching bloodlust. The newly-made vampire’s diminishing humanity compels him to fight off the cravings and let sunlight incinerate his abominable flesh. But when the soft light of dawn takes his darkness instead, Daniel is left with incredible powers and no memory of who he used to be…

Last Sunrise & Other Stories

Last Sunrise & Other Stories

Short Story Collection

An amazing collection of SciFi, Fantasy and wider Speculative Fiction short stories.

Free Short Stories

The Wedding Weatherman

The best weather forecasters struggle to be accurate more than a few days in advance though, no one can get the prediction right two years or more ahead.

Except, apparently, one man can…

Starflare – Fuel

Pirates give a fuel processing station orbiting a gas giant two choices – keep providing free fuel and be slowly bled to death, or refuse and die much sooner.

Can the station’s manager find a third option before it’s too late?

Weirdly Normal – Lights Out

Everyone knows the urban legend – a gang driving around at night with no lights on who will hunt down and kill the occupants of the first car that flashes them.  Turns out it’s true… but the gang find out that maybe other legends are true too…

The Chemist and the Werewolf Hunter

She’s a chemist, a mixer of chemicals.  He’s a werewolf hunter, a powerful and charismatic hero.

She’s given him liquid silver, a way to kill far more werewolves.  He intends to use it.  Maybe he should have listened to her first…

Anti Deja-Vu

My dad can change things.  Little things and big things.  He can go back in time, a little way, and fix things that need fixing.  With a dad like that, how can anything bad happen?  I’m about to find out…

The Great Detective Stumbles

We’ve all seen it – the moment the genius detective unveils the killer based on tiny yet damning pieces of evidence.  But what if all was not as it seems?