Tales From the Starflare Universe & Beyond

Twenty-Six stories of adventure and danger in amazing new worlds

Tales from the Starflare Universe & Beyond

Starships. Ghosts. Danger.

Starships. Ghosts. Danger.

An abandoned starship populated by phantoms. The Panther’s captain doesn’t believe in ghosts… but that doesn’t stop them coming aboard! Can the captain overcome his disbelief in time to save his ship?
Starflare Universe – Ghosts

A Landscape Drowned. A Landscape Revealed.

He sits waiting for the tide to come in, but this is no ordinary tide. It’s taller than a tower, more destructive than a hurricane and is on a never ending journey around the world. Yet he is sitting in the open waiting for it to arrive. Find out why…
Starflare Universe – The Tide

Goddess. Deception. Damnation.

The Chosen go to serve the goddess. They climb the mountain but never return. The goddess is not what she pretends to be… but nor is the latest Chosen.
The Sacrifice

If you love fast paced science fiction, exciting fantasy, and being transported to worlds far stranger than our own, then you need to read Simon Goodson’s Tales From the Starflare Universe & Beyond today!

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Tales from the Starflare Universe and Beyond