Stunning New Website Banner

The website now has a stunning new banner, courtesy of laylarosesweet@fiverr.  I love the new look, and if you follow my facebook page you’ll see a similar banner there.

Not tried fiver?  It’s a great site, just be prepared to lose an hour or two clicking through fascinating gigs that you might never want to use!

Can’t remember what the old banner looked like?  Here it is as a reminder… it was good, but the new one is great.


What do you think of the new banner?  Let me know by leaving a comment below…


More General Articles…

EverYoung – A Complete Short Story in a Post
Something a little special today – a complete short story in a post.  Not just any short story either, this is one of my earliest but  is still great fun.  It’s from about five or six years ago and I copied it from a notebook today…

The Wedding Weatherman – Free Short Story now in eReader Form
The free short story The Wedding Weatherman is now available in eReader form, as well as pdf.  That means you can get it on your Kindle, Nook, Kobo, iPad or other device of your choice…

Survey of Competition Prizes You Want
With Wanderer Book Four on its way and the total number of books I’ve sold closing in on 20,000 I can feel the need for a new competition.  The question is… what prizes do you really, really want?  And the way to get the answer is a survey of course!


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