Tales From the Starflare Universe is a huge hit!

Tales From The Starflare Universe_Cover 1c_webTales From the Starflare Universe & Beyond has now been out for four days and in that time it has been incredibly well received.  It picked up 25 reviews and a 4.8 star rating across Amazon, and the advanced reviewers have compared the stories to such greats as the twilight zone and Isaac Asimov. Even those who admitted they don’t normally like short stories have really enjoyed the book.

As always happens with short story books each reviewer has their own individual favourites.  I enjoyed reading each of the reviews and seeing which books struck a chord with her.  Some of my personal favourites seem to have gone down well, for example the Wedding Weatherman and the Special Child. Here are just a few extracts from the amazing reviews are received…

They are highly imaginative and hold you in suspense right till the last sentence. The collection reminded me of Isaac Asimov’s “Nightfall and other Strories” and the “Rest of the Robots” – yes that good!


Reminiscent of ” Twilight Zone”
With the eerie feeling of someone watching over your shoulder or the feeling of not being alone, Simon ,Goodson injects that same feeling into many of his short stories. You want to check under the bed and in the closet. They are filled with adventure and intrigue, danger and the unknown.


This group of short stories was a lot of fun. Some of them capture the imagination, and I’ve found myself thinking about them days after finishing the story. Some of the stories have a nice twist at the end, and some of them are familiar tropes that play out in enjoyable ways. All in all, the collection is well worth reading.

Those stories set in the Starflare universe, five of them, also very well received, though I may have caused a little confusion in not making something clear… the Starflare universe is separate from the Wanderer universe in which the Wanderer series is set.  The Starflare universe is a new one I’m developing, using short stories to map out the setting, science, and some characters as well. The rest of the stories in the book, sci-fi and otherwise, are set in stand-alone worlds.  That all seemed very obvious to me, but hindsight is of course far less obvious to other people.

Despite the confusion people love the stories and in many cases wanted them expanded further.   That’s certainly something I intend to do – in fact crew of the Panther from the first two stories in the book already have one more outing, with another part written and a third floating around my mind now.

At the moment, though, my focus is mostly on Wanderer book 5. That has now passed through the two hundred thousand word mark and is well and truly into the climax of the book.  As things stand I’m hoping to finish by the end of September, but there is no guarantee.

This book just keeps on growing and growing, and while I’ve mapped out most of what is now happening there are still surprises, and the flesh of the story is much more detailed than the outline.  Some of what I am writing now is incredibly incredibly powerful. I wrote a scene last week over lunch which touched me so deeply that I didn’t want to talk to anyone for a good ten minutes after I finished it, the feelings inside were too strong.  Luckily I still had some of my lunch left so being antisocial was an option.

That’s it from me for now. Blog posts will continue to be very intermittent for the next few weeks, as my upcoming wedding is taking priority over everything. Normal service should resume in October.

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