The Cover That Almost Was

The cover for Wanderer – Origins is now set in stone, and I love it, but the cover was nearly very different. For several weeks we had this working cover…

Wanderer Origins - Cover 2_WebI really liked this cover too. It was colourful and had lots going on, and we felt it resonated with some events in the story. It even resonates with the cover for Wanderer’s Escape. It was perfect in almost every way.

Almost. The problem is it looks slightly out of focus. That’s actually a consequence of how the picture was taken, the technique used to get that effect also causes it to be blurry. We tried a few things to sharpen it up but in the end had to accept buy doxycycline acne that it wasn’t to be. I was disappointed at the time, but the new cover is even better and it looks great alongside the other three books.

This isn’t the first time my covers have changed. The initial covers for the two Dark Soul Silenced books were really good…

version10 Cover_webFinal_Cover_2_web

…but the covers that replaced them are amazing!


All credit for these covers has to go to Sue. We quickly established that my creative talents definitely don’t extend to book covers, so now I throw in the odd opinion once she’s worked her magic but no more than that.

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