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Hello, my name is Barb and I’m write-aholic! I’m married to Mr. Writing or so I like to say… Even though I try to write also in the real world, I give my best on secondary worlds or in the future. Or maybe in the past – but really past, not just last century!BarbCartoon

The Questions

1)  How do you describe your writing style?

Fast-paced, character-oriented, no purple prose or useless descriptions that would bore me first and the reader second… and colloquial, even though I write mostly fantasy! But my characters speak in plain English, not some made-up medieval brogue! 😉

2)  What has been the high point of your writing career?

I haven’t reached it yet. My career is just starting, only five years in is not a career yet… And I’m talking about the professional-writer-who-puts-her-work-out-there career.  Writing only, the high point was actually starting to publish the stories I had written in the previous nn years! 🙂

3)  What one thing to do with writing most makes you want to scream?

Writing is fun. Arguing and brainstorming with myself is fun. Getting beta-readers’ feedback makes me groan sometimes. It’s when that manuscript is finished and ready to go that I want to scream. Not the formatting, or cover art, but the marketing part is what makes me want to scream and run back into my writing cave. That’s the fun part! 🙂

4)  Where do you get your inspiration from?

Anywhere. From “what if” to fairy tales revised to gender role swaps (my Silvery Earth Amazons are quite good at keeping their men subdued) to a sentence read somewhere to a bit of dialog… anything can spark my wild imagination! 🙂

5)  What are you working on now?

Kaylyn, the second book of vampires through the centuries that started last November with Rajveer the Vampire. She’s Rajveer’s sister-in-darkness and she’s an Anglo-Norman lady turned in the 12th century. That story, Return of the Crusader, is included in the free anthology When the Lights go Out. The novel starts ten years later. And on May 2 a novella related to Rajveer’s story will come out. Charioteer of Buddha talks about two secondary characters of Rajveer the Vampire.

6)  Of all the characters you’ve created, which is your favourite… and why?

Usually the latest baby… I mean, it was Rajveer the Vampire, but now that Beautiful has come out, I just love Rithvik (the male sleeping beauty – yes, another fairy tale slashed and turned into a m/m romance) and Kerrien… as I’m sure that when I’m done with the next story (a.k.a. baby) I’ll love the protagonist(s) too! 🙂 I love all my children! 😀

7)  The Seventh Question… What question do you wish people would ask you, and what is the answer you’d give?

What does it feel like to write in a second language? Do you miss writing in your mother tongue?

I’m fifty and I pride myself on having learned English on my own – no thanks to the Italian school system. I started preferring it to my mother tongue when I became proficient in understanding it (mostly through DVDs with English subtitles) at the beginning of the new millennium. At first, I translated my Italian works, with some rewriting and adjusting to the new language.

I think the stories in English now, since that’s how they come to me… what can I say, I love English! And having English-speaking muses probably helps too! 😉 So I write in English first and then maybe I translate back into Italian… and my voice is changing, because I’m learning new stuff, both as vocabulary and craft. I’m reading a lot more fiction now than I used to, in English, to help my writing, and that really allowed me to become a better storyteller.

Barbara and her Books

Barbara G.Tarn had an intense life in the Middle Ages that stuck with her through the centuries. She prefers swords to guns, long gowns to mini-skirts, and even though she buried the warrior woman, she deplores the death of knights in shining chainmail. She likes to think her condo apartment is a medieval castle, unfortunately lacking a dungeon to throw noisy neighbors and naughty colleagues in.

Also known as the Lady with the Unicorns, these days she prefers to add a touch of fantasy to all her stories, past and present – when she’s not wandering in her fantasy world of Silvery Earth or in her Star Minds futuristic universe. She’s a writer, sometimes artist, mostly a world-creator and story-teller – stories comprise shorts, novels and graphic novels. Her novella “The Hooded Man” has received an Honorable Mention at the Writers of the Future contest. Used to multiple projects (a graphic novel is always on the side of the prose), she writes, draws, ignores her day job and blogs at:

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Rajveer The VampireCharioteer of Buddha

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