The Seventh Question – Roger Lawrence


Roger Lawrence is the author of nine (soon to be 12) novels. He’s been writing for over twenty years and still cannot decide what genre he prefers – so writes in them all.


The Questions

1) How do you describe your writing style?

It took me years to find my own voice and after pointless attempts to copy others finally found it in a mixture of omniscience, as in my humorous novels, and third person in the others. The fundamental lesson I finally learned was that whatever style we, the writer use, we must stick to it in order to keep the readers reading. Or they’ll simply give up and throw it away.


2) What has been the high point of your writing career?

Having a short story read aloud on a British BBC Radio station. My prize was a free cassette of the programme, unfortunately not containing my own, but the pleasure of hearing it on the radio more than made up for that.


3) What one thing to do with writing most makes you want to scream?

Advertising my books. I hate it. And recently discovering that I was being pirated by over a dozen web sites made me want to kill the internet. Now I’ve decided to use the news as free advertising since there’s nothing else I can do about it.


4) Where do you get your buy doxycycline veterinary inspiration from?

I get the ideas for new books every day and have subsequently lost ninety percent by forgetting to write them down. Usually it’s a word or even a remark I overhear. In fact my Three Hoodies series began with six words from one of my bosses which didn’t even make it into the final book. They were, “My auntie’s bought me a star.” You’d have to read the book to understand.


5) What are you working on now?

I’m desperately editing my three new trilogies in time to publish for Christmas.


6) Of all the characters you’ve created, which is your favourite… and why?

There’s a character called Chet in my Old Geezers series. I’ll be about the same age as him in a decade or so but already I suspect that he’s me. My wife says he is. I think Chet is funny, clever and cool. My wife thinks he’s mean, depressing and a bully. So that’s me told.


7) The Seventh Question… What question do you wish people would ask you, and what is the answer you’d give?

“Can I read your work to my class because I love your writing.” The answer would be a rapturous yes.

Roger and His Books

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