The Wedding Weatherman – Free Short Story Now In eReader Form

The free short story The Wedding Weatherman is now available in eReader form, as well as pdf.  That means you can get it on your Kindle, Nook, Kobo, iPad or other device of your choice.

As any native will tell you, the English weather is far from predictable at any time, especially so in September. You might get glorious sunshine, even blazing warmth, or you might get weeks of unrelenting rain, or the weather could turn viciously cold. Most likely is a combination of all sorts of weather, often changing day on day and even hour on hour.

Planning a wedding more than two years in advance becomes a nightmare. What you need to know is how the weather will be on your possible dates. The best weather forecasters struggle to be accurate more than a few days in advance doxycycline order online us though, no one can get the prediction right two years or more ahead.

Except, apparently, one man could…

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