Thirty Thousand Sales

Wanderer's Escape CoverWhile I’ve managed to pack in some writing, I’ve not had time for blogging recently.  My new day job came with a new project which needed me to work eleven days straight with some of those days being twelve hours.  It all paid off, the system went live last Monday evening… and on the same day I reached a total of thirty thousand sales.  That’s 30,000… or 30k… or as I think of it… bloomin’ hell, that’s mind blowing!

I published my first book back in September 2012, and Wanderer’s Escape was my first novel back in January 2013.  Since then it’s been an amazing ride, one that I’ve worked really hard at but even so I’m well aware that I’ve had some lucky breaks.  As with most success, the trick has been being ready to grab the breaks when they came along, and having done all the hard work to make them possible in the first place.

I have to admit it’s really cool telling people that I write books, then seeing their faces when I tell them I’ve sold over 30,000.  It reminds me that these numbers are fantastic, and then I realise that this is probably just the early days.  I’m aiming to publish one or two books every year for the next few years, and if I ever earn enough from it to write full time then I’ll be able to publish 2 or 3 a year, maybe even 4.  So far I only have seven books out.  In another three and a half years that will probably be ten to twelve.  And a few years on from there… well, it’s dizzying.

It’s not so scary as it used to be though.  Enough people have read and loved my books, and I’ve written enough new books in the Wanderer series, to know that my writing really does strike a chord with some people.  I still write for myself firstly, but knowing so many other people enjoy it is a brilliant feeling.

So, what does the future hold?  Well the second short story collection has nearly finished the editing phase, and of course there is Wanderer book five which is shaping up to be a real epic.  I’m still writing short stories (and in fact have just written a sci-fi poem called “Boil the Water, They Said”).  Dark Soul book three is calling out to me, and then… well, who knows.  So many ideas, just not enough time.  And on that note, it’s time I got back to writing…


  1. Mark R Hunter

    I just got my royalty statement from my last book … it shows just under 300 sales in three months. I’m not saying I’m jealous, mind you … I”m not saying it, but I am.

    • Simon Goodson

      Thanks Mark! It’s really crazy, and having got lucky enough to get on Bookbub with one book is definitely a big part of it (I just wish they’d accept one of the others!)


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