Two days, Nine Thousand Words

Yesterday and today were my tasters for what life as a full time author might be like.  Two days dedicated to writing.  Well, two days mostly dedicated to writing, I had lots of other things to sort out too.

The result?  An astounding 6,000 words yesterday, lots of that spent in a very enjoyable morning and lunchtime down on Felixstowe beach.  Today I had to do some travelling so had less time but I still notched up over 3,000 words.  The grand total for the two days was 9,100.  Pretty impressive even if I do say so myself.  The thought of being able to write 15 to 20 thousand buy cheap doxycycline words a week is amazing, though there is the question of whether I could sustain that or if I’d end up just working in short bursts and thinking things through on other days.

Now, to the most important part.  How far along does that put the story?  Well, on July 16th it had reached 55,000 words.  As of today it has passed 78,000.  At a very rough guess I think there’s another 25 to 40 thousand words so overall it’s about 2/3 to 3/4 complete.  It’s motoring along well and, with some luck, the first draft should be done by the end of September.

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