Tales From the Starflare Universe & Beyond is out for Beta reading!

Big news! Tales From the Starflare Universe & Beyond has finally gone out to the beta readers. That is slightly later than I first thought it might be, something like four or six months later, but the great thing about this book is there has been no pressure for it. I really loved writing the stories, and they run all the way from one that I wrote before any of my books to several that were written quite early on and many that have been written after I’ve honed my skills on a number of books.

The exact release date isn’t set yet, mostly because we still need to sort out a cover, but I imagine it will be something like 6 to 8 weeks from now. More details will of course follow soon. If you’d like to get it a few days early, and for free, then I’m still looking for more advanced reviewers. That is people that will read the book early and leave an honest review, the honest part being critical even if you hate it, in the first day or two of its release. It’s also important to note in the review that it is an advanced review copy so people don’t feel anything is being kept from them. To become an advanced reviewer please get in touch with me either via Facebook or by using the contact form on this site.

Of course the other major thing I’m working on is Wanderer book five. I’ve not been able to focus on that for a few days but should be getting back to it next week. It’s currently past 175,000 words, and I’m really moving into the end section of the book now. As I said many times, estimating exactly how long it will be and so has seen it will be finished is difficult but I’m definitely getting closer.

And, in the back of my mind, the next book in the Dark Soul series is forming. I know the central theme now, and have some idea of how it fits together, although I’m not sure quite how it will end. One thing is for certain… Daniel is going to have his work cut out simply surviving, let alone… no… no spoilers!

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