Wanderer – Millennium

Wanderer’s Odyssey – Book Seven

Wanderer - Millennium

Kaira is in the kind of trouble it would take Jess and the Wanderer to fix, but they’ve been gone for a thousand years.

What she gets is Tarkus and the Glimmer, a rundown ship and a taciturn captain who doesn’t even know she’s stowed away. Yet.

If she’s lucky Tarkus will throw her off at the next station if he finds her. If she’s unlucky she’ll be ejected into in cold space without a suit. If there were any other options she’d take them.

There aren’t. All she can do is huddle in the darkened hold and hope the Glimmer gets her where she needs to go before her world caves in… and before Tarkus realises she’s there.

Will she reach her goal?  Will she even survive?  Read Wanderer – Millennium now to find out!

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