Wanderer Book 4 – Editing Completed!


Another big milestone for Wanderer Book 4, I now have the manuscript back from my editor and will start working through her comments tomorrow.  The general feedback is very positive, along with the usual comments on knowing when I was really excited by what I was writing because the number of mistakes shoots up.  🙂

What does this mean for the planned timeline?  Well my timeline, which was all a bit of a guess, is starting to look overly optimistic.  Things are nearly a month behind now, but there may be the chance to make some time up.   Once I’ve made my changes, sent it off to my proofreader and have seen how many mistakes he spots I’ll be able to draw up a new timeline which should be pretty accurate.

I know any delays will be disappointing, but the first timeline was always a guess.  By putting it together, and seeing what time was really taken, I’ll be able to make much better predictions in the future.  And who knows… I might decide I don’t need any sleep for the next few months and grab that time back!

(The image above is another brilliant piece of work by Glass84 @ Fiverr)


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  1. Jerry Partin

    I can’t wait to read the next book of the ‘Wanderer’. I have enjoyed it very much. I’m 73 years young and still going. Please, please let me know when book 4 comes out.

    • Simon Goodson

      Hi Jerry,

      Glad to hear you enjoyed them. It’s getting close now, just the two beta reads to go through and then the details of actually publishing. I’m aiming to give a firm release date within the next week or so – keep watching the blog. 🙂



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