Wanderer Book Five – Left to Simmer

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Progress Update — Wanderer Book Five

The big news is that Wanderer Book Five has now been put aside to simmer for a couple of months.  That gives a chance for the story to drain from my mind and means that when I do my final edit I see what IS on the page, not what I know SHOULD be on there.  Mostly, at least.

The book is now around 235,000 words so it really is three times the length of Wanderer’s Escape.  I did wonder about splitting it into two books but that just wouldn’t work.  The book covers one full story, within the larger series, it wouldn’t make sense to split it.

My current plan is to pick it up again around the end of December, but that’s a rough guess.  I might need another few weeks to get sufficient head space to start.


Progress Update — Tweaking Dark Soul

I have also started re-reading the two Dark Soul Silenced books.  The aim was to immerse myself in the universe again, as well as making notes on the people, places and magic.  All of which would be the springboard for starting on book three.

Things didn’t quite go to plan.  Or, more precisely, doing so triggered something new.  It’s a very long time since I wrote Dark Soul Silenced (over 3 1/2 years) and it hasn’t been updated in that time.  The start of the book is even how to buy doxycycline in uk older, being based on a short story from Last Sunrise & Other Stories.  As I went through it I realised it really needed to be cleaned up.  Not the story — my wife would kill me if I messed with that!  No, just the writing.  I’ve changed it to be much cleaner and to flow better, while still telling the same tale in the same way.  Not everything, but in some places quite a bit.

All is not lost for Dark Soul Three.  I’m still making notes as I go, it’s just a little slower.  The number of changes needed has dropped quite sharply now I’m past where the short story ended too.  I’m also creating… a map!  Nothing that’s going to end up in the front of a book, but a rough working map so I can remember what places there are and where they sit relative to each other.  That’s going to be critical for book three.

Talking of book three… I have a very strong storyline in my head, but I now think that might be book four.  I need to read the two books and see if there are logical extensions of what’s happened which would make book three, and would not wait.  So it’s possible there’ll be two more dark soul books over the next year to eighteen months.


Wrap up

That’s all for this update, but there’s a lot more news coming soon.  Stay tuned!

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