Wanderer Book Four Timeline!

The question I know most of you are asking is… when will Wanderer Book Four be out.  Well the image below answers that… roughly.  All timings are estimates but it’s looking like a mid September release.

Click on the image to see a larger version.Wanderer 4 Timeline April 2015


  1. Mary Dulaney

    I don’t know if I can wait until September, but maybe if I re-read the first three several times, it’ll make the time go faster. I really appreciate the timeline.

  2. Simon Goodson

    Hi Mary,

    Have you checked out the two Dark Soul Silenced books (first is permanently free) and Last Sunrise & Other Stories (also free)? They might help tide you over. 😀


    • Mary Dulaney

      Thanks. I just downloaded the first one.

  3. Steven Hatfield

    My birthday is Sept 17th. This will be an amazing birthday present! Are you going to make another book in the Dark Soul books? I loved that series too. Would love to see how things go for them.

  4. Simon Goodson

    Hi Steven,

    I’ll do my best!

    Yes, the Dark Soul series is definitely not finished (my fiancee would kill me if I didn’t return to it!) I don’t know exactly when it will be but probably in the next two or three books.


  5. Doug Wetterling

    Now me thinks she might put you on the couch or go without supper but kill nah but maybe … nah she would thrash your butt though lol!


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