Wanderer Book – Self Editing Underway

Sorry for the silence recently, but I’ve been busy re-reading the first three Wanderer books.  It’s been great fun – although I know the overall storylines very well there were elements that I’d forgotten (which was part of the reason for the re-read).

Now, though, comes the best bit… today I picked up book four having had enough time to get some distance from it.  I’ve already read through the first four chapters and damn they’re exciting, even if I do say so myself.  And for everyone who can’t wait to read it, here’s a sneak peek at the manuscript…

Wanderer 4 Manuscript May 2015

OK… that was a bit mean, but I couldn’t resist.  There will be more serious chances to get hold of the story early (beta readers and advanced reviewers – more on a blog soon).

I’m a few days behind the planned schedule but I’m still looking towards a mid-September release – check out this blog for a more detailed timeline.  That’s it for now… there’s a story calling for my attention.  🙂

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