Wanderer Book Three Update

A quick status update on the third book in the Wanderer’s Odyssey series.  I have nearly finished the first full read-through, up to chapter fifty of fifty-six.  Did I mention it was much longer than the first two books?  The read-through should be finished in the next couple of days.

Then the technical work starts.  Spelling and grammar checking of course but also more subtle things – checking for certain words that I often mistype as other, still valid, words.  Checking all uses of its and it’s.  Making sure all ship names are in italics.  Little things that make a big difference.  I already have a custom application that handles a lot of the checks for me (too many / too few spaces, spaces at the end of paragraphs and a number of other items).  This time I want to enhance it to also check for any ship names not in italics, character names without a capital at the start etc.  And to be able to enable / disable particular checks.  In short I’ll be in hacky-techy heaven.

Once that is done the book will be put down for a while.  Probably two months.  After which I’ll read it again, printed out this time as some problems only jump out at you if they are on paper.  Then the book will go out for editing and beta reading, which means it will be close to release.  Ah yes.  Beta readers.  I’ve been a bit slow sorting that out but I will definitely be looking for some more beta readers and will be posting details here very soon.

Finally – the blog has a great new header, courtesy of a gig over at fiverr for, of course, five dollars.  Money well spent (and I added a tip as I was so pleased with the work).

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