Wanderer – Echoes of the Past

Freedom was only the start. The crew of the Wanderer face ever greater challenges as their journey continues. Knowing the Empire will hunt them down Jess and the others must seek help from another source.

Turning to the criminal underworld seems like their only option, but it soon threatens to end in disaster. Especially when past events return to haunt the present.

Will even the incredible Wanderer be enough to keep Jess, and those he cares about, safe?

Wanderer's Escape -- Simon Goodson


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“Reading this book, and the two sequels took me back to my teen years, buy doxycycline 100mg online reading Lucky Starr, Isaac Asimov and so many other great adventures.”
Richard Bequette, Amazon review
“The battles were vivid, heartbreaking, and very well done.”
DM3, Amazon review
“This novel is a brilliant example of the perfect sci-fi/space opera. Hard edged, but soft hearted, the bond between the ancient ship, Wanderer, and Jess is beautiful.”
Cheryl Mackey. Amazon Review

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