Wanderer – Tainted Universe is out now!

Wanderer - Tainted Universe - Cover_1

It’s finally here.  Wanderer – Tainted Universe is available now over at the kindle store, and will be reaching Nook, iTunes etc over the next two or three days!

Doing the right thing can bring the wrong type of attention. Now the Empire knows the amazing things the Wanderer is capable of, they want the ship for themselves. As powerful as the Wanderer is it is no match for the imperial fleet that seeks to capture it. Jess has only one option – run. 

With the imperial fleet dogging his steps Jess continues to head for the Wanderer’s homeworld, but in running from the Empire he is running blindly towards a far greater danger.

Wanderer – Tainted Universe


  1. Kate

    Please please please tell me there will be another book? And soon I hope!

  2. Simon Goodson

    Hi Kate,

    Glad you enjoyed the book! Yes, there will be another book and at the moment it’s sitting at about 34,000 words – so somewhere between 1/4 and 1/3 written (probably).

    As for when it will be out… that’s hard to say at the moment. It’s likely to be about 6 to 9 months from now, but that’s a very rough guess which depends on many things (not least of which is how long the book ends up being). I’ll post updates here on the blog from time to time.

    In the meantime you can pick up Dark Soul Silenced – Part One and Last Sunrise & Other Stories for free…




  3. Ray Glover

    I am also awaiting the next part of the Wanderer series. I have read all your other books and short story collection, but I like the “harder” sf best.

    Ray Glover

  4. Simon Goodson

    Hi Ray,

    Thanks for the feedback. They aren’t hard sci-fi but there are two free short stories available in pdf format from the website…




  5. Thomas Bunetta

    I loved the three books of the Wanderer series… And saddened I have to wait for the next in line.
    Easy reads, engaging plots, and believable characters!
    I too prefer hard Sci-fi, and it seems more fantasy is coming to us than my preferred genre.
    Please let me know when the next book comes out.
    Thanks for your entertaining effort.

    • Simon Goodson

      Hi Tom,

      Really glad you enjoyed the books. They definitely fall more into the science-fantasy area rather than hard science (which I also love, but wouldn’t be any good at writing).

      The next book is about 45,000 words in so far. If you subscribe to the mailing list you’ll be kept up to date on new releases, special offers and competitions…




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