Wanderer’s Escape is available now

All work on Wanderer’s escape is now complete and can be bought from Amazon now. Needless to say I’ve got a huge grin on my face and can’t wait to see what people make of it.

Wanderer's Escape Cover

Jess was born a prisoner, grew up a prisoner and at sixteen knew he would die a prisoner. When his turn comes to try to break through the traps protecting a spaceship it seems his day to die has come. The ship, and others like it, have already claimed hundreds of prisoner’s lives.

Instead he manages to avoid the traps and gain access to the ship with two other prisoners, beginning a frantic flight to freedom. Soon Jess finds himself loose in a brutal universe ruled by the Empire and riddled with pirates, slave traders and worse. Can Jess manage to learn the rules of the universe and the capabilities of the ship he has stolen in time to stay alive?

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  1. Derek haig

    Just read and enjoyed the “Wanderer”. Looking forward to the sequel. My only hope is that Jess will mature more quickly in what appears to be a violent galaxy. Will post on Amazon!

  2. Simon Goodson

    Hi Derek,

    Thanks for the feedback – I’m really pleased you enjoyed it. I’m working on the first two books in a fantasy series at the moment (one is complete and being proofread, the other is 10k words in) then I’ll be returning to the Wanderer series. The sequel will follow Jess and the Wanderer farther out into the galaxy and I’m already excited about what they will find.


  3. Lupaikin

    I just read Wanderer’s Escape and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I like how you managed the feel of uncertainty and trust. I had to work at it if I wanted to perceive the ship as anything less than logical, because you are consistent with your logic internal to the story. Thank you for writing this and putting it out there.


    • Simon Goodson

      Thanks Lupaikin,

      Really glad you liked it. Sorry for the delay replying – it’s been a crazy few weeks. I’m planning to start on the second Wanderer’s book in the next few days, and my two new novels are available to buy now. In fact Dark Soul Silenced – Part One is free from Amazon until Friday if you fancy a real bargain. 🙂



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