Winners of the big, big competition

Thanks to everyone who entered into the big, big competition.  It’s been great seeing so many messages and knowing so many people were keen to win the prizes.  As it’s traditional to say, unfortunately not everyone could win – but here’s who did…

1st Prize – Sophie D
2nd Prize – Walter VLJ
3rd Prize – David R
4th Prize – Mike K
5th Prize – Kat B
6th Prize – Patricia C
7th Prize – Daniel K
8th buy doxycycline Prize – Robbie S
9th Prize – Dennis L
10th Prize – Doris S
11th Prize – Mark RH
12th Prize – Amber G

Emails have already gone out to everyone that won, and I’ll try to get all the prizes out within the next two or three weeks though there’s a lot to sort so it might take slightly longer.  For a reminder of what each prize was see the original post here.



  1. Kat baggett

    Thank you so much!! It has been a very long time since I won anything and a signed copy of one of your books makes it all that much better, again thank you and keep writing so I will have more to read!

    • Simon Goodson

      Thanks Kat,

      Glad that I made your day. The book should be with you now or within the next week.



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