Writing Progress Update – 17th March 2016

Wanderer Book Five marches on, and is becoming a monster…

Wanderer book five is now past 95,000 words (the first two books were only around 80,000 words) and there’s still a massive amount to go.  I’m really enjoying writing it at the moment, and progress is good.  How good?  Well here’s a chart I made earlier…

Wanderer 5 progress 15th April

I also managed to write a couple of short stories, though actually “Boil the Water, they Say” is mostly a sci-fi poem.  It sounds strange, but it does work well.

The second short story collection has nearly completed the editing stage, though I need to work on one of the stories.

Project Recent Progress Overall Progress Target Date
Wanderer – Book Five 27,977 95,977 words tbc
Second Short Story Collection N/a Editing nearly complete Summer
Boil the Water, They Say
(Short Story)
1,340 1,340 words tbc
Magic Trumps Science
(Short Story)
3,889 3,889 words tbc

As always, you can see the latest updates on the Current Progress page.  And to answer the question I know everyone has… I really don’t know when book five will be out, because I just don’t know how long it will be.  I do have a good, detailed overview for the book but telling how much writing each part will take isn’t possible.  What I can say is, the time taken is going to ensure it’s a really good end to the series.




  1. Mark R Hunter

    Is book 5 something you might end up turning into two books?

    • Simon Goodson

      I did float that idea past Sue, splitting the book because it was getting long, and she shot it down. With prejudice, cannons and missiles. I heard and obeyed. 🙂

  2. Dennis Lee

    I’m ready to preorder once again. Hurry the heck up lol.
    Actually glad you are making great progress.

    • Simon Goodson



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