Writing Progress Update – 4th October 2015

This week’s writing progress…

So, the thing that I’m sure jumps out from the numbers below is that I haven’t been working on Wanderer Book Five this week, but I did write a sizable short story.  The reason being that I have a dozen things to juggle around the book launch, promotions, competitions, press releases and the like.

Writing a complex novel takes more focus than I could give it this week, but writing a short story… that was actually therapeutic.  With only a single thread to track, or at most two or three threads, makes those short stories a great way to clear my head.  Don’t worry though… Wanderer book five will soon be moving again, and I have lots building up to write.

That’s it for this week, so here are the numbers and don’t forget to check out the new Current Progress page.

Latest Progress

Project Recent Progress Overall Progress Target Date
Wanderer – Book Four Final version uploaded Pre-order / ready for release 10th October 2015
Wanderer – Book Five None this week 26,000 words tbc
Second Short Story Collection Self editing complete Book put down for a month or two before final edit Winter 2015
Starflare: Shore leave
(Short Story)
4,816 words First draft started & completed n/a

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