Writing Progress Update – Late September 2015

After several months of trying to get time and energy to do it, I’ve finally added a new menu item to the website called Current Progress.    It won’t replace these updates, but it will compliment them and will make it easier to see progress over time as I’ll keep the past two months or so of updates.  Having a simple format should mean I update it more often which is a good thing too.

Writing wise a lot of my time is still going into preparing for the Wanderer – Origins release in just 12 days time(!)  I’ve also spent some time finishing the current round of editing for the second Short Story collection which should be out sometime in the winter I think.

I’ve managed some writing on Wanderer book five, bringing it up to 26,000 where to buy doxycycline words, and I also wrote a new short story called ‘The Chemist & the Werewolf Hunter’ which will become a subscriber-exclusive story once it’s been worked over and edited.

That’s it for this week, so here are the numbers and don’t forget to check out the new Current Progress page.

Latest Progress

Progress to Sunday 27th September.

Wanderer – Book Four Final version uploaded Pre-order / ready for release 10th October 2015
Wanderer – Book Five n/a – no baseline yet 26,000 words tbc
Second Short Story Collection Self editing complete Book put down for a month or two before final edit Winter 2015
The Chemist and the Werewolf Hunter
(Short Story)
1,987 words First draft started & completed n/a


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