It’s me vs windy mc-wind-wind – the rematch. I lost! (February 2020 update)

Storm Ciara (I recorded this a week ago – we’ve now had Dennis too!) made things pretty hard to hear in places, but it’s fun so I won’t re-record it. Here’s a summary of what I was trying to say:

1) Wanderer Book 7 plotting is complete (in fact I’m now over 5,000 words in!)

2) Editing has started on the first book in the Hellfire trilogy.

3) SciFi Shorts is continuing to have new stories every two weeks

4) Tagrale 2 is still waiting to be picked up, I plan to do that in the next couple of weeks.


3 thoughts on “It’s me vs windy mc-wind-wind – the rematch. I lost! (February 2020 update)

  1. Hi Simon, I really enjoyed reading the Wanderer’s story, I purchased the 6th installment towards the end of October, but haven’t got into it as yet, as a few other authors had released their volumes and I had decided to take their series from the beginning, each one..I am currently plowing through the Liad Universe by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller.
    You left #5, “Extinction”, at quite a high note…. and am keen to read what comes next. However, I also intend to start at the beginning of your series as well. Which brings me to ask, when, roughly, are you hoping to have book 7 released to wide world?

  2. HI, I enjoyed your books. I read Wanderer’s Odyssey 1-3. I can tell, you saw the Star Wars; there are similarities: the Empire, the equipment of it’s soldiers … I’ve read SCF like 50 years before (and then stopped). What happened to laws of the robotics in the time? Asimov’s robots should never hurt the people.

    1. Hi Eva,

      Glad you enjoyed them! I loved Asimov’s robot stories too, though toward the end they were definitely finding ways to hurt people despite (or sometimes because of) the three laws. 🙂


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