June 2021 Update

Halfway through the year! And lots achieved (finally!)

ProjectLast Month StatusProgressStatus
Wanderer’s Book 7With my editor! Still with my editor.Active
Wanderer Book 8Re-plotting almost completed.Great progress – around 1/3 dictated and a fair bit of that transcribed. This is my main project currently.Active
Tagrale Book 2First draft completedSecond and third drafts completed, technical checks almost done.
It will then be put down for a month or two before doing the final edit, after which it goes to my editor.
Starflare Displaced –
Season 2
On holdFirst five episodes in various states from dictated to first-draft complete. On hold currently but I aim to add more episodes through the second half of 2021.On Hold
SciFi Shorts Short StoriesAwaiting editingNine stories now completed and with my editor!Active

These updates cover where things are rather than giving predictions of when books will be published (unless they are almost ready).

That’s partly because my estimates have always proven to be wrong (much too optimistic or much too pessimistic) and partly because I’ve found it sets up deadline-pressure which actually slows me down a lot and leads to delays.

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