September 2022 Quick Update

Hellfire – Book Four
I’ve started dictating more of the story. Currently I think I’ll probably write books four and five and publish the together as they’re closely linked.

Wanderer – Book Nine
This is coming along well and I’m currently aiming to finish the first draft in September.

SciFi-Shorts – Collection 2
Finally available at all the stores! Find all the links at

SciFi-Shorts – Website
New stories are back! I have stories lined up to the end of the year, starting with August’s story – Testing the Grandfather Paradox.

Ten Years Published – 21st September 2022
Unbelievably, it’s almost ten years since I published my first book. To celebrate I’m thinking of doing a facebook live… if you want it! If so, hit reply and let me know you’d be interested, and let me know what questions you’d like me to answer!

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