Wanderer Book Nine Publishing Timeline & Patreon

Wanderer Book Nine – Publishing Timeline

  • Wanderer book nine has gone to my ARC readers!
  • It should be available for direct sales from the 8th September.
  • It should be available in all stores from the 15th September.
  • But see below for another way to get it!



I’ve decided to go ahead with Patreon and have now set things up (I think!)

Anyone joining as a backer for just $5 a month before 15th September will get Wanderer book 9 for free.

Other benefits of being a backer include:

  • Access to the final review version of every new book (so before anyone else).
  • Free copies of every book published while you’re a backer, at least one week before it’s on sale anywhere.
  • Early access to all short stories published to scifi-shorts.com (potentially months early in some cases).
  • A free backer-exclusive instalment of an ongoing series of shorts stories every month
  • A quarterly ask-me-anything (questions via mail and I’ll record a video to answer).
  • The knowledge you’re helping me to write more and more often!
  • Other content, including insights into where I got the inspiration for some stories.

The first story in what will be a backer-only short-story series is here. This hasn’t been through my editor or beta readers yet (it will soon) but I wanted to give you a peek into what the world will involve. You can see it at https://dl.bookfunnel.com/u14yw58bpk

If you’d like to say thanks for all the free short stories but don’t want to signup for a repeating payment then you can buy me some writer fuel (coffee, chocolate, or beer depending on the time of day) at https://www.buymeacoffee.com/sgoodsonauthor

2 thoughts on “Wanderer Book Nine Publishing Timeline & Patreon

  1. Hello,
    I’ve really enjoyed your Wanderer serirs. I purchased 5,6,7, and 8 books via Barns & Noble for my nook. I just reread the series and still enjoy it tremendously. I see you will be offering the 9th in the series. My question is will it be on Barnds & Noble for their nook? Thank you, Art Linn

    1. Hi Art,

      Great to hear you’ve enjoyed the series!

      Yes, book nine (Wanderer – Paradox) will absolutely be out for the Nook. I you buy it directly right now there’s an option to load it into your nook, or if you wait until Friday it should be available in the store then (possibly a day or two later, depending on their processing time).


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