Tagrale – Gateway to the Stars is now available!

It’s here! The first book in my new Sci-Fi series is out and available to buy from all the main eBook stores!

I’m really excited about this series and the feedback from my BETA readers has been brilliant.

To join the adventure just click here, or if you’d like to know more I’ve included the description below…

The Tagrale was once the gateway to the stars… but will it ever come to life again?

Thousands of years ago starships arrived through the mighty Tagrale to colonise Sironus, but the artefact shut down soon after and has been dormant or dead ever since. A hundred generations of scientists have tried to unlock its secrets.  All have failed.

As a child, Jenna dreamed of finding the key to activating the Tagrale once more and she dedicated herself to working toward that goal.  Now she’s about to get her chance… but she has no idea how high a cost she’ll end up paying.

2 thoughts on “Tagrale – Gateway to the Stars is now available!

    1. Hi Norm,

      I’ve just finished the first draft. I’m terrible at working out timings but the phases to go are 2nd draft, running it through a bunch of tools to find issues, printed draft then it will go to my editor and beta readers.


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