December 2021 Update

Happy new year! Last month was a particularly prolific one, with over 80,000 words dictated.

ProjectLast Month StatusProgressStatus
Wanderer Book 8Part Transcribed Roughly 50% transcribed.Active
Wanderer Book 9N/aOver 55,000 words dictatedActive
Tagrale Book 2Editing underwayWith my Beta readersActive
Hellfire Book 425 to 30% dictatedRoughly 50% dictated.Active
SciFi Shorts Short StoriesMany working through the pipelineMore created.Active
SciFi Shorts – Collection 1n/aAiming for a release this month (again!) – this will be a collection of stories from the SciFi Shorts website.Active
Audiobook recordingn/aStarting with some stories from SciFi ShortsOn Hold

These updates cover where things are rather than giving predictions of when books will be published (unless they are almost ready).

That’s partly because my estimates have always proven to be wrong (much too optimistic or much too pessimistic) and partly because I’ve found it sets up deadline-pressure which actually slows me down a lot and leads to delays.

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