Wanderer — Book Five

This is the page for Wanderer Book Five, the final book in the series.  Once the book is published all the details will be available here, but until then I’m going to keep it updated with the latest information on the roadmap through to publication.  Initially there won’t be any firm dates, as the release moves closer will be added.


The path to Wanderer book 5 being released still has a number of steps and I can define some rough times against.  Here they are, more details on specific items are below.

Stage Status Target Date Completion Date
Proof update of Wanderer book 2 Completed Dec 2016 15th December 2016
Proof update of Wanderer book 3 Completed Dec 2016 29th December 2016
Reread and polish book 1 Completed 7th Jan 2017  8th Jan 2017
Reread and polish book 2  Completed 14th Jan 2017  11th Jan 2017
Reread and polish book 3  Completed 24th Jan 2017  22nd Jan 2017
Reread and polish book 4  80% complete 4th Feb 2017
Final, paper-based, self edit of book 5
Editor tackles book 5
Updates to book 5 based on editor feedback
Proofreading of Book 5
Updates to book 5 based on proofreader feedback
Book 5 sent to beta readers
Book 5 cover design, blurb and other prep
Book 5 updates from beta reader feedback
Book 5 formatting ready for publication
Book 5 goes to advanced reviewers
Book 5 published
I drink lots of beer!

Detailed Notes

Proof update for books Two and Three
The first few books I published were edited, but not proofread. Starting from Wanderer book four my books have been proofread before being published, and the currently available version of Wanderer’s Escape has already had the proof read updates applied.  However books two and three had that work outstanding, and with the series coming to an end it seemed the best time to knuckle down and do that work.


Polishing of books One to Four
since writing the first book in the series, and even books two and three, I’ve learnt an awful lot and my writing has improved greatly. I now feel confident in going back to improve the flow of the earlier stories, smoothing out awkward phrases or dialog while still retaining the excitement and pace of those first novels.  I’m being very careful not to be too heavy-handed, just to polish things.


How do you get the polished versions?  Do you have to pay?
Something which seemed obvious to me but really isn’t is the fact that all of these updated versions will be available for free to anyone who already owns the books. That’s right – getting the new version will cost you nothing, zero, nada if you already own the book.

Getting the latest version can be a little tricky depending on which venue you use (Amazon in particular make you dig around).  Once the new versions are available I’ll make sure to send out full details so everyone can get the latest and greatest version of the books