June 2022 Update

ProjectLast Month StatusProgressStatus
Wanderer Book 8Published!
See Wanderer 8 page
Nada. It’s all done!Completed
Wanderer Book 9Waiting to be transcribedWaiting still but next upActive
Hellfire Book 450% dictated 50% now transcribed.Active
SciFi Shorts Short StoriesMany working through the pipelineMore created.Active
SciFi Shorts – Collection 2PlannedReady to release in JuneActive

These updates cover where things are rather than giving predictions of when books will be published (unless they are almost ready).

That’s partly because my estimates have always proven to be wrong (much too optimistic or much too pessimistic) and partly because I’ve found it sets up deadline-pressure which actually slows me down a lot and leads to delays.

2 thoughts on “June 2022 Update

    1. Sorry Derek, only just spotted this. I’ll keep writing them if you keep reading them. 🙂


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