Wanderer – Deception

Wanderer’s Odyssey – Book Eight

Kaira isn’t dead.


That’s quite a surprise. She thought she’d given her life to save Tarkus, but somehow he’s kept her from dying… for now. Yet the devices within her are still intent on ripping her body apart, and Tarkus has only managed to slow them down.

She needs a cure, and the only place to find that is the corporation which created the horrific devices. And they’ll help… for a price. They need a job done, one that only a pilot with Tarkus’s skills can possibly pull off.

Will they succeed? If they do, will the corporation honour its side of the deal? Or will it simply leave Kaira to die. She has no idea, and as their mission unfolds she starts to suspect even her life won’t be worth the price they’ll have to pay. She thinks they’d be better off simply walking away.

If only it were that simple.

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