Wanderer – Paradox

Wanderer’s Odyssey – Book Nine

Wanderer - Paradox book cover

Is the Wanderer really hidden aboard the Glimmer?

Or is Kaira losing her mind?

The uncertainty is terrifying. If she is losing her mind, then how much damage did the devices attacking her body cause before they were stopped? And if not, why is Tarkus lying when he knows it makes her question her sanity?

Kaira needs time to process the whirlwind of recent events. Instead, she and Tarkus are dragged into trying to help a group of slaves who’ve managed to free themselves. Between the danger and excitement other thoughts get pushed into the background.

But as events unfold the question of her sanity is forced to the fore once more, with the freedom of thousands depending on one question… is she losing her mind?

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Wanderer - Paradox book cover
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